gin bottleI had assumed (wrongly) that most customers knew how I turn old gin bottles into chopping boards and serving platters but when one recently asked me if I have to get fairies to suck all the air out, I thought it was time to set the record straight!

Just about any empty bottle can be heated in a kiln until it flattens. The shape of the bottle will have some impact on how successful the finished article e.g. square bottles don't work as well as round or oval ones, is but you can have a go at anything.

Labels, stoppers and plastic coatings have to be removed as they would burn off and leave the studio smelling horrid and your bottle looking less glossily magnificent than it should.


The bottle then gets put into the kiln. It is placed flat on the kiln shelf so that it won't roll to the edge or join up with anything else in the kiln at the same time. The programmer is then set to slowly heat the kiln to a maximum temperature of 775 degrees C and then slowly cool it again - the whole process takes about 10 hours.

That's it! No weights, no crushing and definitely no fairies. If you would like me to transform a favourite bottle of yours, get in touch.