Bumpy dish bluePeople often ask where my inspiration comes from.  It is really nice to be asked and I often wonder what inspires the makers I admire, as well. For me, there is no single source, it comes from all around, but there are a few specific things that get my creativity flowing.

Colour – the colour of glass is often a starting point.  I can stand and look at the sheets of glass in my workshop and a particular colour or combination of colours will jump out at me. There are certain colours I come back to again and again – turquoise blue is a particular favourite.    


Shapes – as you can probably tell by looking at my work recurring shapes are a big thing for me.  It might be squares overlapping or stacked, it might be petal shapes or circles, but clear definite shapes are important. Some glass makers have very soft designs with granular colour slowly changing from one shade and shape to another, they look great, but it is not my style.

Students – I do making sessions in my workshop and the creativity of my students often inspires me to go on and make a new piece, so thanks everyone!

Seasons – I am definitely drawn to colours and shapes or ideas by what is going on outside the studio window.  When the cherry tree was in blossom last year some pink and white cherry blossom earrings were created.  Winter tends to produce warmer ‘softer’ designs.

What inspires your work?  I’d love to know so do get in touch.