student made pieces

Everyone can create beautiful things, including people who vehemently describe themselves as ‘not creative’; it is just a matter of finding what inspires you and then being given the right information and support. 

This blog is about the creative making sessions you can book in my studio and what it will be like when you book one.

The pictures shown are of pieces made by Kirsten in her creative session.

First of all you don’t need any experience at all of working with glass, and you don’t need to be a ‘crafty’ person. All you need is a willingness to have fun.


We start by talking about what sort of things you like to have around you, what colours and shapes, whether you like to be bold or have softer, warmer, designs.  This gives me an idea of what pieces you might like to make and what colours of glass I should show you first.

kirsten 1
We then move through to the studio and you are introduced to the tools, protective equipment and ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of working with glass.

Then is it learning how to cut glass – there is as much time and scrap glass to practice as each person needs and EVERYONE can do it – it is just a matter of building up your confidence.

Once you are confident at cutting glass we then go through the principals of getting pieces ready for firing and then the fun really starts – creating your own pieces. 

Most students make 2 or three pieces, often something for their home like a set of coasters or a candle bridge and then something for themselves like a pendant.  Before Christmas, lots of people come to make gifts for their friends and family.

When you have finished your pieces, we load them into the kiln and I fire them so they are ready to collect about a week later.

If this has inspired you to have a go, there are more details on my website.