black light pullI have just finished a set of jewellery commissioned as a present for a recently married couple, so my blog this week aims to debunk some of the myths around commissioning. 1) I won't be able to afford it – customers often assume that if they want something specific making, they have to have a big budget.

This is not the case at all. I have worked on commissions for people with a £10 budget (making the bespoke light pull shown here) and those with several hundreds of pounds to spend. My job is to come up with ideas within your budget, not to push you into spending more.


2) I'll end up with something I don't like – I take your ideas and then come up with ways to bring them to life, in glass. You can see glass samples and other pieces so that you have a clear understanding of what the finished piece will look like, before you give me the go ahead.

3) I won't be able to explain what I want – I don't expect you to know what glass colours are available, how it performs under heat and what is possible to create with shape and form. We start with your idea and then I ask lots of questions so that I have a really clear idea of how to create it in glass.

4) If you ask me about a commission, you have to go ahead with it – you are only committed once you agree a design and price with me. Before that point we can explore lots of options and if we don't find one that is right for you, that is fine.

I hope that has expelled some myths and encouraged you to contact makers whose work you like, and consider commissioning something just for you. To see more of my commission pieces, click here.