pink and purple earringsI have blogged before about commissioning a bespoke piece from a maker, but for this week's blog I want to look some of the small changes my customers request, to make something perfect for them.

You my not realise it, but I, like most makers, am more than happy to adapt or change a piece so that it meets your specific requirements. Here are some examples of the changes I've made for my customers:

Earring backs – when making earrings I generally fit them with sterling silver fishhooks, but if you prefer posts, clips or a metal other than silver, that's fine! Just ask!


Colours – when I'm making a piece certain colours and combinations of colours appeal to me, but if a different colour would make it perfect for you, as long as I can get the glass then I'd be delighted to make it. Just ask!

Size – someone who loved my coasters but wanted them larger, 10 cm square, recently contacted me. Could I make them bigger? No problem! For shaped pieces like bowls, the size does depend on the size of the mould, but I'll do everything I can to make a piece the size you want it. Just ask!

Postage and wrapping – as I make, wrap and post each piece myself, any combination of wrapping and posting is possible. So, if you want a piece gift wrapping, want a note adding to the parcel, or the piece sending to a different address – just ask!

So, if there is anything I can do to make a piece right for you, just ask me – that is the joy of buying direct from the maker.