faye 1This week I'm looking at another maker whose work is really impressive. Artist Faye Baines, of Creative Mum At Home. I bought a hand-painted card from Faye and was so impressed with the quality and creativity of her work that I asked her to say a few words about what inspires her.

"As the name suggests I'm a mum at home being creative – I've dabbled with my artwork for several years in between full time jobs before my family and latterly in evenings and any spare hours whilst being a mum. However my youngest is off to school in September and it's rather exciting and slightly daunting that I find myself almost a full time artist!

My work has evolved over the years from textiles pieces to a new love of watercolours. I've always loved colour and pattern and I think this shows in my work. Recently I've begun to focus more on flowers and plants and have found the summer colours and shapes very inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing how my work changes with the autumn shades and tones.

My cards feature a wide range of images from cupcakes to beach scenes. The idea to make them all individually hand painted began because I've always loved the idea that people can send a little piece of original artwork for their greetings to make it a tiny bit more special. Once my cards started selling and my confidence increased I started creating small paintings and have been delighted and slightly amazed to find that these have been popular too!

As much as I'd love a little studio to fill with sketches, magazine cuttings, bits of fabric, paper and creative chaos I enjoy working at my desk in our hallway at home surrounded by the family books, toys, coats and shoes and I have the added bonus of a fantastic view from the window over Nottingham suburbia."

You can follow Faye's work on Facebook, Creative Mum at Home, or buy from her very tempting etsy shop.