Naomi-Low-Resolution-3I often suffer from both lower and upper back pain (thankfully not usually at the same time) but rather than reach for the pills I regularly see a chiropractor, Dr Naomi McKay, to keep me mobile.  As a maker you probably spend a lot of your time sitting down whether at a workbench, sewing machine or infront of your computer, so for this blog I've asked Naomi to give us some tips to avoid creativity-dampening pain and keep us smiling.

"The natural shape of the spine is actually an S-shape, which allows the weight of your head to be evenly distributed throughout your body. Sitting down for 7-8 hours per day (think about time spent driving and watching t.v. too) results in poor posture and inactivity: two ingredients which combined make the perfect recipe for stress/strain related problems including neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches.

Here are 3 simple ways you can avoid developing back pain and other posture related problems before they begin. Bear in mind, it often takes months or even years for issues to develop to a level where most people do anything about them. By acting before you experience any real discomfort, you will avoid long term damage and reduce your need for treatment.

  1. Sit up straight – yes you've heard it before but it can be quite a challenge when your body is used to being slumped. Set up your work station so you can sit comfortably without your neck being under any pressure. Push your shoulders down and back and stick your chest out. Tuck your chin in. This will feel uncomfortable at first, but give it time and soon it will become second nature.
  2. Move around more – your desire to complete your task is great, but your body's need for movement is greater! Try not to go longer than 30-40 minutes without taking a break to grab a glass of water, stand up and stretch or nip outside for fresh air. It will even help to clear your mind. Set yourself a timer to remind you when it's time for a break.
  3. Take care of your joints – maintaining joint motion and alignment is vital when you spend long periods of time sat down. As a chiropractor, I apply a gentle force to joints that are locked which results in restored motion and relieved tension in your muscles. Regular treatments (around one per month) can actually help prevent neck pain and other posture problems."

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