1170732 10151837034214111 1706235764 nNow that I'm fully into the swing of Christmas craft fairs, I get to meet loads of lovely new people.  Customers are fascinating and my blog this week identifies 4 types of craft fair customers, that I've noticed.

  1. The ultra decisive customer – these always take me by surprise, they haven't been loitering on the periphery having a look from a 'safe distance', they boldly stride up to the table, pick something up and say "I'd like this please" simple as that!
  2. The afraid I'm going to pounce customer – these want to look but seem afraid that if they come any closer they will be committed to buy! I wish I could reassure them; customers are most welcome to come up to my table, handle things, ask questions, have a really good look and then go away again. Of course I want people to buy, but I also want people to love my work and if they don't see something that is perfect for them, it is ok not to buy.
  3. The I like it but she/he doesn't customer – the discussions between couples about what to buy are always interesting. Sometimes a person will come and tell me they really like something, when they return with their partner, it is obvious the 'like' is not shared. These conversations always make me smile.
  4. The I just can't make up my mind customer – these customers are probably the most fascinating; they like my work and want to buy something but seem wracked with indecision about what is the best thing to buy! They look at everything, discuss and ask for guidance from a friend, hold pieces up to the light and then put them down again working towards an eventual decision. This can often take some time and 2 or 3 visits to my table!

Thank you to everyone who has come up to my table to have a look at fairs over the year and I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks.

If you are a maker and you have spotted other types of customer at the fairs you go to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.