confetti bowlLike many makers, I use Facebook to generate interest in, and sales of, my work. But . . . Facebook seems to change the way it does things on a regular basis so for this blog I'm sharing some tips on how to make sure your Facebook posts, about your gorgeous products, actually get seen.

When you have attracted someone enough for them you like your Facebook page, it is logical to assume that they will get to see the things you post on it. Alas, this is often not the case.

The much talked about 'Facebook algorithm' means that your followers get to see what Facebook wants them to see. So, how do you get your posts included?

There is an increased emphasis on sharing posts that will get people liking, commenting and sharing more. The higher the number of impressions, likes, and comments you get, the more your posts will appear and the more impressions, likes, and comments you will get – I know, infuriating isn't it.

Facebook says its new algorithms "listen" to user feedback, essentially letting people decide who and what to connect with.

The following actions could help:

1. Work out how well you are doing at the moment - Go to your Facebook Insights and check your reach for the last 30 days, then divide that number by your fan count – for December, mine was 132 / 283 giving me a reach of 0.47 followers per day – pretty depressing really but at least I will know if I'm improving.

2. Use photos and videos wherever possible - Of all the types of content you can share, photos give the best results. Photos are most engaged with and reach the most people.

3. Stimulate Engagement - Every time you post, you have an opportunity to create curiosity, challenge people and inspire them e.g. make a photo into a caption contest, include a multiple choice question or fill in the blank option etc.

4. Create Viral Exposure – ask people to upload pictures of them using or wearing your products

5. Timing is everything and apparently around 11 AM is best.

If you have any other advice or recommendations, do let me know!


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