923445 397269803751447 1688302993 nThis month I have had a wonderful opportunity to work in a creative collaboration with a fantastically talented maker and I’m using this blog to tell you how it happened and what it has meant to me.

Deborah Ballinger is an illustrator, creating wonderfully detailed, hand-drawn illustrations. She recently moved back to Nottingham, from Brighton, and we got the chance to meet in person rather than just via social media.  

We have attended the same fairs and events but never discussed the possibility of a creative collaboration until I invited Deborah to the networking group I go to each week.

 After the meeting we discussed the possibility of fusing her illustrations onto glass and in a little over a week the first test pieces were made.

I think we were both surprisingly delighted with the results – I used French vanilla opal glass which fires with a wonderful mottled, antique appearance and it was the perfect base for Deborah’s botanical letter illustrations in a sepia tone. The result is very modern but also has a vintage charm and softness.

Working with Deborah has given me the opportunity to create pieces in a totally different style, to think about glass in a different way and to benefit from the enthusiasm and talent of another maker. I’m very much looking forward to using Deborah’s illustrations to create more pieces and meanwhile you can buy my bowls with Deborah’s wonderful letter illustrations on her Etsy site and you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about commissions and special requests.