If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen mention of some inept diary management on my part, which lead to me agreeing to do 3 craft fairs in the same day. It has been a long time since I posted a blog but I thought you might be interested in how it all worked out.

How did I do it?

I started by dividing my stock and packing up a collection of work for each fair.

Crucial to the arrangements was being able to set up at fair number 1 the night before. Fairs 2 and 3 were then set up before 9am, including erecting a gazebo! 

photo 1 copyThis all felt a bit frantic but fuelled by coffee and enthusiasm it all went well.

I then left stands 2 and 3 in the capable hands of creative colleagues - I have said it rather casually but the success of the day depended on the maker community who always pull together and help each other out – this is one of the many things that is so brilliant about being a maker in Nottingham.  One of those other makers was the very talented Deborah Ballinger  - here is my effort at putting her display together for fair number 1 (she was also doing 2 fairs in the same day!)

I then enlisted the help of my daughter Celia (see the photo below) and drove back to fair number 1 to staff the stand.

After fair 1 was complete (a very noisy, jolly, affair with lots of sales) I drove back to my studio to find that the brilliant organiser of fair number 3 had packed up my remaining goods and delivered it back with the cash from sales!

I had a reviving cup of tea and bowl of soup and then headed off to fair number 2 which was running into the early evening.

So that was how it worked, but what were the highs and lows?

The definite highs

Hanging out with brilliant makers, chatting about the highs and lows of earning your living from you work

Free Mexican Hot chocolate from the neighbouring stall in West Bridgford – how kind is that?? They refused to take payment as we were also stall holders. It was utterly delicious and I am gutted that I can’t remember their name to share it with you.

photo 2

Turning up at a fair and being told which of your pieces have already sold!.

The possible lows

Well there weren't any really.  It was certainly a tiring day, but also great fun.

I did wonder that if I had keep all my stock together would I have equalled the number of sales at 1 fair – just because I had more there to attract people?

Would I do it again?

Well better diary keeping on my part should mean that I don’t have to but I certainly wouldn’t panic at the prospect.

Good luck to all my maker friends who are also dashing from fair to fair at the moment and thank you to all the lovely customers who value buying handmade.