As you may be aware, Google made some big changes, on 21 April, to the way it responds to search terms. The very significant rise in the number of web-searches being made from mobile devices like phones and tablets meant that Google had decided to make them king of the algorithm and only websites which are ‘responsive’ to mobile devices would have a chance of coming top-of-the-search.

I knew this was going to happen but hadn’t given any thought to what the effect on me might be. My website was already responsive because the lovely people at Volute Web Design had told me about a year ago that this was important and I should get the changes made (thanks chaps, I owe you one). 

So come April 21 a lot of my ‘competition’ disappeared from searches overnight and suddenly I was top.  The orders came rushing in.

This was great for me of course and not so good for other talented, hardworking glass artists out there who had a disadvantage thrown in their way probably without even being aware it was coming.

If you are not sure how much this change could effect you, check first whether your website is mobile friendly via this Google link.  

If it is, you will probably be experiencing the same upsurge in visits that I’m getting, and if not hopefully your web designer will be able to make the necessary changes asap.

As independent makers it is easy to feel crushed sometimes by having to take on all aspects of the business and sometimes the accounts, the technology, the e-commerce and other such things feel like they are getting in the way of the designing and making!  So, hopefully if you weren't aware of what Google was up to, you now are and can make the required changes so that you can get back to the day job!