new studio shot copy

I have long been meaning to write a blog about my new studio.  Not about how wonderful and warm and light it is (although it is all of those things), but the rather more subtle issue of a maker and their ‘space’.

My old studio was very cold and I shared it with a rather surprising number of large spiders. When I say cold, I mean the same temperature as it was outside, so during winter it was often only 1 or 2 degrees.  And, when I say large spiders, I mean large!

But, it was my space and for about 8 years it was where I made everything.  Hence, all my tools and materials had worked their way into exactly the right place – I could just reach out my hand and they were there. The view, as it changed through the seasons, was my view and it inspired countless designs. 

I hadn’t realised how important these things are until moving into the new studio, in mid December last year. It is a glorious building; warm, light, huge in comparison to my old studio.  It has great lights, a heater, lots of plug sockets, a flat wooden floor (goodbye cold concrete).  I moved everything with great excitement and marvelled at how lucky I was.

I didn’t actually make anything though.

Not that surprising; for most makes once the Christmas rush is over is is about sorting and preparing for sale rather than creating new pieces, but there was another thing going on and it seemed I needed to get used to the new space before I could create in it.

I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced a similar thing when moving creative spaces; a sort of creative block brought on by too much luxury.

You will be pleased to know I’m past it now and as is so often the case it was working in the space with other makers that did the trick, so thank you to them.

I’m off to the studio now – those initial cufflinks won’t make themselves!