gin stirrers new shotAs you may know gin is a favoured tipple of mine so, I thought it was high time for a blog to share a bit of the gin-based loveliness that is out there.

Firstly, whittling down the field

There has been an explosion in gin creation and there are now so many to choose from that if you want to extend your knowledge, where do you start? How about geographically?  The Gin Guild (who knew??!) has a wonderful UK map showing gin distilleries so you can zoom in on an area and plan to try all the gins made there. This is restricted to members of the Gin Guild so there will be others, but it is a mighty nice place to start.

Secondly, how to drink your gin

Whatever gin you have chosen you will only be getting it at its best if you use the right tonic and garnish, but how are you supposed to know what is best? That is where Ginventory comes in.  This rather lovely app tells you the perfect tonic and garnish for each gin you might be trying. Search from 3650 gins, 367 tonics and 195 garnishes for the perfect combination – I’m looking forward to trying 3 Pugs Gin with Fever Tree tonic and a garnish of basil.

Finally, how to serve

If you’re anything like me the ritual of serving a gin and tonic is part of the fun and that’s why I created my gin stirrers. With tips to go with specific gins or garnishes (lemon, lime, cucumber and Bombay blue) you can finish of your gin-making with a swirl and a clink which signals ‘gin time’!