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Environmental sustainability is hugely important to me and I think of myself as someone who tries hard to reduce my environmental footprint, but how does that play out in relation to my business? 

What am I doing currently and what more can I do?

What do I do currently?

  • I have solar panels fitted to maximise green energy production/use
  • Reuse the vast majority of packaging
  • Only use gift boxes and bags made of recycled paper and card
  • Know the source and production process for many of my raw materials (many but not all)
  • Collaborations with other local makers
  • Business cards printed on uncoated, recycled card
  • Use my local post office, which I walk to, for shipping


Not a bad list but certainly lacking in some areas, so what am I going to try to do better with in 2018?

  • Full kiln policy – scheduling, customer demand and just plain impatience mean I don’t only fire the kiln when it is completely full. This is obviously a good place to improve and for 2018 I’m going to have a full kiln only policy
  • Ethical sourcing – I’m going to try to get better at sourcing ethical raw materials and products included in my work e.g. jewellery findings
  • Improve habitats around my studio with wild flower planting for insects

So, there are 3 things I’m going to do for 2018, but what else should I be doing?  Please let me know ways in which you are reducing your environmental footprint within your creative business. Thank you.