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Corporate team building used to have an awful reputation; teams of disinterested middle managers losing their dignity on assault courses, or nights out drinking which seemed to only applaud the last person standing.  

Luckily those days have largely gone and organisations are looking for new ways to reward and refocus their teams. I have had the pleasure recently of doing making sessions with some corporate teams and have learned some very interesting things about creative activities and what they can do for your team; 


  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing something different – in more traditional activities you will usually find one team member has done them before and therefore naturally wants to take a lead.This creates a hierarchy rather than a team approach, whereas with a new creative activity everyone is on a level playing field. 
  2. It is much harder for people to fall into usual patterns of behaviour – it you want people to work in a different way within your organisation it helps to do an activity which makes them work in a different way outside! With a creative session I have seen that when people are presented with an unfamiliar material, like glass, they respond in an unfamiliar way and then you get to see new potential. 
  3. Creative activities offer new ways for a team to see how connected they already are – one team who worked together came to my studio recently and only at the end of their making session realised they had all used the same colour palate for their creations – different patterns and approaches but all connected through the colours they had chosen.
  4. A physical reminder of the activity i.e. the pieces they have made, mean the benefits are likely to last much longer than the hangover from a night out. In my team sessions, your team not only make their own piece, they also work together on a shared piece for your working environment so they are reminded of what they can create when working together.
  5. Team members will see each other in a different light – seeing what has been created by each person allows everyone to see their colleagues differently, opening opportunities for them to work together in new ways. 

Corporate sessions are £25 per participant, last 2-3 hours and are for up to 6 people.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more and discuss what you would like to achieve for your team.