• hearts
  • orange lucky 2
  • big cufflink
  • These traditionally leaded, stained glass hearts, would look lovely hanging from a window frame or kitchen dresser. Not just for St Valentine's day, but all year round.
  • My Lucky Pendants remind me of boiled sweets and I've made them in so many colours. If you don't see the colour you would like, just ask and if I can make it for you, I will!
  • I love making fused-glass cufflinks, I can make them to match your new shirt, to go with your wedding theme or just use your favourite colour. "I just wanted to say a big thank you. The cufflinks arrived the other day and are perfect." (Paul)

BG Sips 2 copy

A great beer bottle, a bit of clever cutting and voila - your pencil pot never looked so good!

I loved this label design and it seemed such a shame to just throw it in the borttle bank, so I set about repurposing it into something useful. 

The cut edge of the bottle has been smoothed of but it is not suitable for drinking out of. 

BG Sips copy