sparkling tree 2It may be only the end of September but I and most other makers are well into the swing of Christmas production, so for this blog post I thought I’d talk a bit about A Maker’s Christmas.

Timing – as a maker, my Christmas isn’t in late December, more like mid August! That is when I start to plan which designs I'm doing and how many of them I should be making. I would like to say this is my 'Christmas collection' but it is not that cohesive yet - hopefully next year!

Retailers – By early September, I am contacting retailers to see which pieces they would like to order.  They will want stock for October and so the rest of September is usually about getting wholesale orders ready.

Fairs – the number of craft fairs really ramps up towards Christmas so choosing which ones to apply for, deciding on displays and making stock is in full swing.

Offers – like many makers, I try to transfer a little bit of the Christmas order rush from November and December into October.  This usually means a tempting offer which rewards customers for getting their presents organised early. My offer this October (starting today for blog readers) is free postage on all sets of coasters*.

A lot of time at the post office – for much of November and early December there are daily trips to the post office to dispatch orders.  Luckily the team at my village post office are fantastically efficient and I’m able to walk there carrying the parcels on a trolley.

The calm after the storm – The rush usually stops at the end of the second week of December, that is when I come out of the workshop and start to think about a family Christmas!

I’m delighted that so many people choose to buy handmade at Christmas, it makes a huge difference to me and all the other amazing makers out there, so thank you.

* to take advantage of this offer, just order online and the cost of postage will be refunded.