These handmade, fused glass earrings range from delicate to bold.  Some have a touch of special dichroic bling whilst others combine colours to make sure they stand out. They are all handmade by Katherine Wilson in Nottingham.
green button final
Lime green, that's the only colour you need this spring.

two blue copy copy

I'm not sure if this blue is duck egg or turquoise, but it is very pretty. 

two tone orange final
Orange and red doesn't clash, it looks fabulous. 

twist green final

Bright lime green with a swirl of green, black and clear at the bottom. 

grey sparkle stud earrings copy

My first pair of stud earrings in opaque grey with a bit of all-important sparkle.

grey and pink final

These warm shades of pink and grey will rock with your work suit.

A black and silver number which like a great 'Little Black Dress' will take you anywhere. 

Handmade earrings with deep black glass and a rich purple centre.