These handmade, fused glass earrings range from delicate to bold.  Some have a touch of special dichroic bling whilst others combine colours to make sure they stand out. They are all handmade by Katherine Wilson in Nottingham.

fandance earrings

Delicate earrings with mid blue opaque glass and 'dancing' dichroic glass. 

lucky earrings black

Rich opaque black and not too dangly, there are earrings to take you anywhere.

beachbabe earrings copy

These earrings are like sparkling sand on the best beach you can imagine.

be mine earrings

These red and gold earrings are definitely one for the Christmas party.

lucky earrings red

These were the first Lucky earrings and they are still as tempting as boiled sweets.

pink and purple earrings

Pale petal pink is combined with rich dichroic purple in these handmade glass earrings.

Handmade earrings with deep black glass and a rich purple centre.

A black and silver number which like a great 'Little Black Dress' will take you anywhere. 

Like the clouds of pink and white cherry blossom swirling around the garden.

If you were beguiled by the Gold Rush pendant, here are the earrings to match.

These earrings are definitely a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was.