Fused glass is particularly fabulous for pendants; the depth of colour, the glossy shine and the pleasing chunky feel. These fused glass pendants are all handmade by Katherine Wilson in Nottingham.

twotone green copy

There is green and then there is green aventurine for people who need a little sparkle.

bee rectangle copy

Team this pendant with your worker-bee outfit and get to it!

twotone plum copy

Plum and blue are the knock-out colours in this bold pendant. 

twotone teal copy

Teal and plum is a lovely colour combination and this pendant rocks it!  

twotone blue copy

A new pendant design in two shades of blue glass in a wonderfully pleasing round shape.

twotone orange

A zesty orange and lime pendant in a beautiful organic shape.

lucky selection copy

If you love Lucky pendants why not save and get 3 at the same time?

lucky pendant orange

Handmade glass pendant in a bright zingy orange to wear with all your summer clothes.

lucky pendant lime copy

My lucky pendant in zesty lime - so perfect for summer (like a refreshing gin and tonic!).

Lucky egyptian copy

I love this Egyptian Blue, it suits autumn and winter and feels grown up.

lucky plum new copy copy

This warm, rich, shade of plum glass is perfect for Autumn.

lucky opaque green copy

A lovely warm opaque green pendant which will look great with warm Autumnal colours.

lucky trans pink copy

This is the most delicate shade of all, a light translucent pink.

lucky pendant turquoise small

Blue is definitely the colour for summer and this colour will take you from town to beach.

black velvet

A lucky pendant for that is perfect for parties and looks like Guinness and champagne.

lucky black with sparkle copy

Flakes of dichroic glass add a rainbow of sparkle to this black Lucky Pendant.

lucky pendant red

Like a lucky coin, this handmade glass pendant should go with you everywhere this summer. 

lucky pendant blue copy

The latest colour for my Lucky Pendant collection is this rich summery blue.

lucky champagne opaque copy

This pendant is the colour of butterscotch and fizzing with gold flecks.

lucky pendant black

You can't go wrong with a classic black pendant in a simple, unfussy design.

lucky pendant cream

A warm cream, glass, pendant which will look great against your summer tan.